10 Tips That Will Boost Your Coaching Effectiveness Immediately

Here are 10 “quick and dirty” tips that will amplify the impact of your coaching.

10 Little Tips to Boost Your Coaching Prowess

Invest 2 mins to review these powerful ideas. Challenge yourself to apply several in your next session, for maximum impact!


Living a Happier Life (It’s Not What You Think, Coaches!)

Ever have a client for whom nothing seems to make them happy? For whom any forward progress or contentment eludes them? Try assigning some homework around the concepts in this short video.

With neuroscience in your back pocket, you can help shine a path for your client. These straightforward practices show the way – just “start with the person who is a breath away!”

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Skill Mastery: Holding Space

Holding space is a tool that flies under many coaches’ radar, but it remains one of the most important in their toolkit. In this piece, colleague Heather Plett not only explains the concept eloquently, but also shows – through a touching story – how it can be put into practice.

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8 Ways to De-stress in 5 Minutes or Less

Much as most of us coaches view what we do as a calling and find our work energizing, even coaches get burned out. Take a minute to scan this list of de-stressing techniques that work.

Less stress translates to better health, improved outlook, more energy – and (in the long term) increased productivity. Make one or all of these a daily habit – it won’t take but a few minutes of your day!

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Avoiding Relationship Apocalypse

Relationship coaches: ever have trouble explaining the Four Horsemen to your clients? Pass along this entertaining, animated short that not only clarifies their hallmarks but also explains how to address them. Relationship Detox in a straightforward 2m. video!

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Rank and Privilege: A Powerful Example

Most leaders have trouble seeing the inherent privilege that helped carry them to the top. This video paints a clear picture of the advantages afforded to some – and the responsibility that comes with success.

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Make a Difference in the World: Be the Punchline

Once again, a perspective shift is where it’s at. For example:

  • Your client wants to ask for a raise but dreads having to “sell” his manager on the idea. What if he could endorse the idea of educating his boss about the situation instead?
  • You’re worried your client is disengaged because she’s been very quiet of late. What if it was because she found the material so valuable, she started taking notes?

“You’ve been set up. Again.” Be the punchline.

How could you or your clients benefit from a fresh perspective?

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What’s Your Ripple Effect?

Here’s a great advocacy piece to share with your current and potential clients, if you’re an executive or leadership coach who facilitates 360s.

Get your leaders thinking about actions they can take – including hiring you – to make change take flight!

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