“It’s Always The Leader”

The secret to a well-functioning organization (otherwise known as “Why Our DMV Works Like a Dream Now”) is revealed in this entertaining 3 min. animated short.

Don’t forget to weave it into your next leadership development workshop. Ken Blanchard’s definition of a manager is clear, concise and powerful. They’ll get it!

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Clarifying Foundational vs. Inspirational Values

In this 2-minute tip, master coach Lori Shook takes a fresh look at a classic coaching exercise. Published as a part of her Coaches Going Corporate training program, this short piece discusses two different types of values your clients might express – and how learning to work with each, separately, can take your values work from informational to transformational.

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Share The Power of Coaching

Heads up, executive coaches! Don’t miss Judith Glaser’s terrific coaching advocacy piece, Effective Communication to Effectively Persuade.

Clearly, this article provides a wealth of material on which to coach. However, it’s also great to share with prospects who might still be on the fence about committing to a coaching program. Just be sure to make a follow-up call after they’ve had a chance to check it out!

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