Living a Happier Life (It’s Not What You Think, Coaches!)

Ever have a client for whom nothing seems to make them happy? For whom any forward progress or contentment eludes them? Try assigning some homework around the concepts in this short video.

With neuroscience in your back pocket, you can help shine a path for your client. These straightforward practices show the way – just “start with the person who is a breath away!”

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Wash Away Stress with Gratitude

What better topic to bring into focus during this busy month than gratitude? In an article from Pathways to Wellness, author James O’Dea writes:

Your body loves gratitude! Not a superficial “oh gee, thanks” but a deep, heart-connected appreciation that carries love and acceptance from a place of higher consciousness and well-being.

Your body loves it because it washes away the biochemistry of stress and insufficiency and replaces it with the alchemy of flow and emotional warmth. … In the field of appreciation, we create a healing and reviving antidote to psycho-toxins such as “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have enough,” or “I am drained.” (Full article here)

Where can you boost the role of gratitude, both in yourself and your clients?

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A Shortcut to Happiness

This short video showcases “gratitude in action.”  If you want a sure-fire assignment to help your clients “up their happiness quotient,” these ideas deliver.

And to really bring it home, end your sessions with an authentic and heartfelt acknowledgment of your client. Way to walk your talk and leave your client feeling seen.

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