The Best Holiday Gift: A Life Well-Lived

Start the New Year right, by making a few changes today.

While I love lists, I don’t promote very many because each one usually has a few points I can’t get behind. This list, however, gets my vote from top to bottom. Why? Because:

  1. it’s a comprehensive list of insights that will rock your world, whether you’re 17 or 97
  2. even if you only embrace one or two tips, your life will change for the better: more freedom, more peace, more love, more success
  3. you can use this list to launch the New Year by sharing it with your clients and asking them which ones they most want to master
  4. I couldn’t have written this list any better myself

Enjoy! And as always, thank you for your continued support – we wish you a very happy holiday season!

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A Fresh Perspective on Success

In Intelligent, Successful People Are Different From Everyone Else, Carol Dweck makes a fresh case that real change is all about perspective. Successful people, she points out, “tend to focus on growth, solving problems and self-improvement, while unsuccessful people think of their abilities as fixed assets and avoid challenges.”

This is a great piece to share with your current and potential clients. After all, what better way to shift to a “growth mindset,” than to engage a coach, right?!?

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A Shortcut to Happiness

This short video showcases “gratitude in action.”  If you want a sure-fire assignment to help your clients “up their happiness quotient,” these ideas deliver.

And to really bring it home, end your sessions with an authentic and heartfelt acknowledgment of your client. Way to walk your talk and leave your client feeling seen.

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