Building Empathy – The Key to an Organization’s Success

As coaches, we all know the key to change often lies in perspective shift. But how do we invite people to invest in the task?

Five-time former CEO Margaret Heffernan points to strengthening the empathy muscle. In order to develop this, a leader has any number of choices – from encouraging collective coffee breaks, to assigning the production of a short video that introduces an unrelated (and unfamiliar) division of the organization to a company-wide audience.

Read her full piece to learn how building social capital is the key to building “an effective, efficient organization.”

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5 Foolproof Conversation Starters that are Networking Gold

Know you should be networking more but find it awkward? Check out this short list of conversation-starters you can use “as is” or that can be tailored for your next networking event.

What’s your biggest challenge?” is a classic coaching question. But, “What stands between you and your wildest dream of business success?” is sure to inspire a passionate dialogue in short order.

Change up those questions – juicy exchanges lead to ongoing connections!

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