Skill Mastery: Holding Space

Holding space is a tool that flies under many coaches’ radar, but it remains one of the most important in their toolkit. In this piece, colleague Heather Plett not only explains the concept eloquently, but also shows – through a touching story – how it can be put into practice.

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A 4-Step Process to Counter Bias and Bigotry

How do you respond when someone says something biased that makes you uncomfortable or even angry? Have you ever wanted to say something, but struggled to find the words?

Speak Up!, a publication from the Teaching Tolerance project, helps us think through these situations in advance. Its simple, easy-to-remember guidance is applicable in a wealth of situations. And for those interested in a more in-depth look, you can download a PDF of the full Handbook as well.

Feel free to share this with your clients and other organizations – but don’t forget: coaches lead the way by walking their talk!

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A Shortcut to Happiness

This short video showcases “gratitude in action.”  If you want a sure-fire assignment to help your clients “up their happiness quotient,” these ideas deliver.

And to really bring it home, end your sessions with an authentic and heartfelt acknowledgment of your client. Way to walk your talk and leave your client feeling seen.

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